In today's rapidly changing marketplace, sustainability is an engine of growth and competitive differentiation.

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Ignite Sustainable Innovation

In today's hyper-competitive business environment, we believe that sustainability drives long-term success.

Organizations that are future ready are those who can integrate sustainability and influence into their business strategy to reinvent the competitive landscape.

Why Choose LavaFish Advisors

Who we are

We bring an outside perspective to product innovation and challenge organizations on what is held to be true. Our inside the organization experience finds that when you only look at the product landscape this way, you miss a world of innovation opportunities. We are a small consultancy that accesses a deep bench of strategic partners to create the ideal team for each assignment.

Our method

It's not enough to have a great idea, we know that having a reliable innovation process is the express lane to new product success. We seek to reignite child-like curiousity that goes beyond the group think and delivers effective, profitable innovation ideas. We will stretch you beyond your current successes to bring fresh ideas and approaches that will integrate with your organizations business focus.  

How we work

We collaborate with you and outside resources to integrate the most relevant and useful new product ideas to life. Whether you need just one idea or an entirely new category to develop, we will work with your strategy from concept to completion. 

We solve your challenges

We transform customer experiences

We create new product & service concepts

We capture emerging category opportunities

We define sustainability strategies

We create Brand differentiation based on sustainability achievements

We synthesize current trends


Strategy & Concept Creation

Executive Coaching

Insights & Research

Usability & Testing

Mark D. Wolf - Founder, LavaFish Advisors

Mark D. Wolf is President and Founder of Lava Fish Advisors, a strategic consultancy on a mission to help companies use best practices in sustainability/CSR to increase profitability and reduce their carbon footprint. He is also the Founder and Co-Chair of the NYC chapter of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP), the largest global professional association for leaders across the sustainability sector.  

Mark’s Fortune 500 company experience ranges from highly technical and regulated industries to newly emerging verticals. He has led teams at: Guardian, Castrol, Verizon Wireless and Prudential, and has consulted with the Natural Resources Defense Council on the US Clean Power Plan.  

He has been published in the Journal of Sustainable Banking and Finance and in the Association of National Advertisers Magazine, where he also served as the Chair of the Research Committee for the ANA. Mark has a MS degree in Sustainability Management from Columbia University, received his coach certification from NYU, and his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

He previously served as a Judge for both the ARF David Ogilvy Award for Research Excellence and the National Advertising Review Board. 

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