Transform Your Knowledge into a Unique Body of Work that Sets You Apart

You have a process.  

It’s just hidden from you. 

There’s a golden thread that runs through your work that weaves together the tapestry of your business. This golden thread is your core business identity, the thing you are known for that sets you apart. 

It’s something so intuitive to you that you don’t even realize you are doing it. 

But without it, it’s impossible to create a strong foundation for sustainable, aligned business growth. 

The Key to a Thriving Business 

Discovering your hidden process is simpler than you think. It’s a matter of learning how to connect your inner world with the outer world, so you can go bigger with your passion and your service.  

It's all possible with a Soulful Signature System™. 

By mastering these 6 pillars, you will be able to offer a unique solution that expresses your greatest gifts and that gets your clients consistent results over and over again, even when someone else delivers for you.

No more cookie-cutter steps. 

No more being lost in a sea of sameness. 

You'll be on the path to becoming the “go-to” expert in your space.  

Client Needs 

Packaged Wisdom  

Learning Styles 

Learning Path 

Visuals & Tools 

Benefits-Driven Name  

What can a Soulful Signature System™ do for your business? 

Simplify Your Marketing 

Seamlessly create your next talk, workshop or webinar in record time, without having to reinvent the wheel 

Streamline Your Offers 

Quickly package, promote and launch profitable online and group programs that your clients love and get their most desired results, every time 

Sustain Your Focus 

Scale without compromising quality or depth, so you can serve more people with ease and joy

Elevate Your Confidence

 Never have to worry again about what to say when people ask, “what do you do?” 

Hi, I’m Lee Murphy Wolf 

I started my company to express my creativity, share my gifts and empower others to build the business of their dreams. Things were going along smoothly. I had clients, I was making a difference, and it felt good. 


My mother and my mother-in-law both became ill. Everything was upside down. Since I could not explain or train others in my “magic,” outsourcing was not an option. 

My work became unsustainable.

 I became obsessed with finding a better way than relying on my intuition to work with clients. Through trial and error and lots of experimentation, I discovered the secret to uncovering my process and packaging my wisdom. 

From this, my Soulful Signature System™ was born. 

Several years later, I have a solid foundation for my business. I serve more people, have more fun, and receive more opportunity for expansion than ever before. 

From Confusion to Clarity

"I love what I do but it didn't feel like the highest expression of what I could provide my clients. With Lee’s help I discovered how to intentionally and strategically infuse who I am as the "secret sauce" in all my services. This alignment feels phenomenal. Lee’s expertise is priceless!"

Laurie Hock, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and Owner at Growing Points 

Poised for Growth 

“I could finally clarify all of the ideas in my head and produce something tangible. I now have a clear business vision and roadmap for action. I gained confidence and my business is beginning to soar!”  

Sara Smith, Wellness Coach and Owner at Sara Smith Wellness

Birth Your Best Work 

Want to get started? Take the Solutions that Serve™ assessment. 

Within a few minutes, you’ll know right away which pillars are your strengths, and which areas need to fill in to better leverage your brilliance.